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Londynn B Shares Her Style Inspiration

In 2019, Londynn B took the rap game on by storm, winning the Netflix rap battle competition 'Hustle and Flow'. Along with her undeniable talent, she was quickly being recognized for her signature hairstyle; a half and half colored, curly mohawk. She shared with us that her signature style was inspired by entrepreneur Keysha Kaoir who sported the style years ago on Instagram. At the time, Kaoir was dating Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, and they are now married. Londynn also took a minute to tell us what she does to combat writers block. She says, "No one can bring you out of writers block but yourself". She says that to overcome writers block, she goes to create and do things like paint or ride her bike. Catch her sporting the look along with some pretty dope tattoo art on her IG page here:

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