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Dapper Dan Makes History With GAP

Harlem New York's own Dapper Dan became the first designer to ever have their name on a GAP hoodie. The pullover sweatshirt became available last week on 3/11/2022 and quickly sold out. Daniel Day, known by most fashion enthusiasts as Dapper Dan is usually dressed in fly suits and vests. He opened a store in Harlem in 1982, Dapper Dan's boutique, which attracted artists like Jay-Z and other hip hop stars. Although that store is no longer around, his influence has sustained the last few decades in the fashion world. The 77 year old fashion designer told W magazine that he went with the hoodie collaboration because he likes to encourage the younger generation to dress up. Staying true to form, if you look closely, you will see that he paired the hoodie with an ascot. The hoodie only comes in one color, sort of a flamingo pink or salmon shade. "I love when parents are walking with their children and they point at me. And what I’ve discovered is that color is the no. 1 attraction. Everybody who’s responded to my Instagram [about the Gap collab], all they keep talking about is the color." (2022)

Fashion designer Dapper Dan wearing a limited edition hoodie from GAP
Dapper Dan x GAP

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